Get Writing part II

Taking your own advice is often difficult. My last post was all about putting one word in front of the other stacking them until you have your book.

But what if you need to pay your bills? What if you need to work long hours during the week to make ends meet? What if paying the bills is getting in the way of writing? And come the weekend you are too exhausted to do anything that connects you to your passion?

Well I am faced with that dilemma at the moment. I am working long hours during the week, And then on the weekend I’m catching up with chores… And then suddenly it’s Monday again.

I need to work, that much I understand, But I need to write also.

Writing is like a quiet storm within. I miss not pursuing my passion.

Yesterday I came up with two words that I will use in my work. And that’s all I could do.

Two words.

They came to me during my lunch break.

So I am stacking, stacking slowly but I’m getting there I’m building the novel word by word.

Because right now that’s all I can do.

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